Winter is a good time to have your home inspected

Well, truthfully right before winter hits is one of the best times. Why? Because winter can be hard on a home. When it gets cold, it puts even more strain on your home than normal. And for most people, a home just works. But the reality is they’re made up of a bunch of complex systems that all must work together in order to provide you with the level of comfort you’ve grown accustomed to. But any time of year is bad for a key component of your home to stop working, but no time is worse than the winter. So here are some things you should consider inspecting to make sure they work properly throughout the cold and often damp winter months we get in Tennessee.


Plumbing fixtures/pipes


how-insulate-water-pipes-prevent-freezingWe asked Restorationeze of Nashville owner Chris Makey what systems were most likely to cause water damage to a home during the winter months. “Normally what we see during a cold snap is pipes bursting. In some cases the pipe in question was an outside faucet head that froze enough to where it burst inside the home. Other times a home’s attic will house plumbing pipes that weren’t properly insulated. If it gets cold enough, these pipes can freeze and expand. They either burst during the expansion or even burst when they shrink back down as it starts to warm.”

Make sure you’ve walked the entirety of your property and insulated any exposed pipes. If your crawlspace or attic houses pipes, make sure those are insulated as well. Here’s a quick video showing you how to do that



Roofing System


Roofs get the brunt of any bad weather during the winter. If they have weaknesses, the winter months are going to bring those weaknesses out. Even the slightest issues, like a damaged asphalt shingle, can create a big problem for your house. Notably, water damage in your attic that can lead to black mold problems. You should always inspect your roof prior to winter to proactively deal with any problems that can only get worse when cold weather and/or snow arrive.


Furnace or other heating system


This should be a no-brainer, but you would be really surprised at just how few homeowners actually proactively maintain their furnace. Again, it just seems like one of those systems that works great and you take it for granted, right up until it stops working and the outside temps are in the teens. At that point, you and everyone in town is calling looking for an HVAC company and it could be 48 hours or more until someone can help you.


These are just some of the things you should be inspecting and maintaining in the lead up to winter. Don’t be like so many other homeowners and ignore the vital systems that keep your home a comfortable place only to have them fail when you need them most. As with any home maintenance plan, it’s so much cheaper to proactively address these systems than to retroactively fix them once they break down!


Tennessee Foodie Thoughts – 11/2/15

In this installment of Foodie Thoughts, we’ll delve into some recent news regarding Tennessee’s ever growing food and bar scene. There’s some exciting stuff happening in our wonderful state right now if you’re as big of a fan of delicious food as we are so make sure to keep reading so you know what’s going on!


True Foods Kitchen is coming to Nashville!

Are you a fan of natural, vegan or vegetarian foods? If so, you’re going to love this exciting news. It was just announced that True Foods Kitchen will be the first tenant in Southern Land Company’s new mixed-use development at 4000 Hillsboro Pike.


“Our hope is to provide the neighborhood with a dining option that’s really good for them and tastes even better,” said Sam Fox, founder of True Food Kitchen’s Phoenix-based parent company, Fox Restaurant Concepts.


Sam’s Place expands again!

After experiencing so much success with his original location in Hillsboro Village, owner Sam Sanchez is opening up his 5th location. Sam’s Place has a new location in Belle Meade. With his focus on extensive beers, huge high-definition TVs and great food, Sam seems to have the winning combination for a Nashville sports bar.


Spirits rise in Nashville’s dining scene!

In a trend that should surprise no one given Tennessee’s bootlegger roots, fine spirits are making a strong comeback in the Nashville food scene. With venues such as The Patterson House & Up at the Fairfield Inn & Suites, mixologists are bringing creativity and a unique approach to the traditional cocktail. If you haven’t had a chance to stop by the new rooftop bar for a drink and small plate, consider swinging by their location at Division and Ninth Avenue.


Tennessee in the News – 11/2/15

In this week’s segment of ‘Tennessee in the News’ we touch base on it all. From state politics to local sports teams to other current events, we’ll take you around the state in one blog post!



Prominent Tennessee politician and actor Fred Thompson passed away at the age of 73. In a statement released by his family, he passed away from a recurrence of lymphoma. Many prominent figures in Tennessee have released statements. Below is a snippet from Bill Frist:

“Today Tennessee lost a talented and admired statesman and many of us lost a beloved friend,” said former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, whose Senate term overlapped with Mr. Thompson’s time in Washington. “Working at his side in the Senate for eight years, Fred embodied what has always been the best of Tennessee politics — he listened carefully and was happy to work across the aisle for causes that he believed were right.”

ben-carson-visits-madisonGOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson visited Tennessee this past weekend, making multiple stops both in Nashville and Memphis. During one stop, he spoke at Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN about his thoughts on creationism versus evolution. Carson is courting evangelicals in a crowded race for the GOP presidential nomination and has spoke in depth about his faith in God and how he balances that faith with scientific knowledge and understanding. Recent polls indicate his approach is working, with his numbers surging in most early states, including in the ever-important Iowa primary.



If you’re a Titans fan, it’s probably best to stop reading now. There’s no other way to put it: they’re terrible and getting worse. The Titans got destroyed by the Houston Texans yesterday 20-6, conceding a Texans franchise record 7 sacks. Titan’s QB Zach Mettenberger continues to struggle, perhaps unsurprisingly given how little time he’s had in the pocket.  The Titans fall to 1-6 with an 0-2 AFC South record and sadly the trend is currently spiraling downward.

tennessee-volunteersIn perhaps the only bright spot in Tennessee sports news, the Volunteers finally notched a convincing victory. Granted, it was against the lowly Kentucky Wildcats but if you’re Butch Jones and the Volunteers, you’ll take it. The Vols beat the Wildcats 52-21 in Lexington, with the hyped defensive line finally starting to show people why there was so much talk pre-season about their potential, led by junior Corey Vereen. “Lately I’ve been finding out what works and what doesn’t work so you keep doing what does work and counter off that in terms of pass rush,” Vereen said, explaining his recent surge. “Other than that, just playing ball.” Coach Butch Jones had this to say about the defensive line’s performance last Saturday:

“They just had a relentless approach,” Jones said of the pass rush. “They’re playing with a lot of confidence. They’re using their hands, and they’re getting off on the football right now.”